Sunday, February 1, 2015

Grateful Sundays

     I love love Flow magazine! It is by far my favorite magazine. One of the things that I love about it is all the beautiful images, ideas and the fact that each edition comes with a few little surprises. This past edition came with this great little Gratefulness Diary. Now I'm not saying Flow is a God thing but I had just picked my word for the year, Joy, and said that I was going to be more positive and grateful when I got I'm calling it a God wink. 
This is the little description in the front cover and it was just what I needed just when I needed it.
"It's the little things that mean a lot," sang Sonny and Cher in the 1967 movie Good Times. "It's what you are, not what you got." And weren't they right. If you go searching for happiness in the big things, most likely you'll overlook it. Yet that is often exactly what we do. We focus on our big plans for the future, the house we'd like to have, that better job, a new love... while thru happiness is right here in the present, and we forget to notice it. That's why we made this Little Gratefulness Diary. Its aim is to help you focus on the beautiful, positive moments happening in your life right now. For each day for the next 29 weeks, you can use these pages to jot down all the things that make you smile. We've also included some questions you can answer to highlight other things that make your day so nice. And if it's true what the experts say, you'll soon notice a change in the way you think.
     So I'm I just finished up week 4 and I'm loving that it's making me really think about what I have to be grateful for each day. Here's what I was grateful for this week:

I'm so grateful for sick days, even when I hate the fact I have to use them.

Thankful for all the kids that DO want to be in art class...and hoping to turn the ones that don't :)

Thankful for Ibuprofen and acces to medication when I need it. Not feeling so great today.

Thankful for those kids that crack me up and make me laugh!

So grateful for good friends, fun Birthday dinners at the Melting Pot, and great gifts like my new Mantra Band from Lydia!

I'm so grateful for 35 years, and Saturdays...definitely Saturdays!

Grateful for Sunday dinners with my family!

So what were you grateful for this week?

~Till Next Time

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