Sunday, March 29, 2015

My First National Art Convention!

     I was super excited to be able to go to the NAEA art convention this weekend. It was in New Orleans and being this close my Principals were super awesome and paid for me to go. I have been wanting to attend an art convention for a long time now and was excited for and my first one. I have to say that it far exceeded my expectations!!! It was also great that a bunch of the sessions were about digital art, a class that we will be adding in the fall. I'm nervous, excited, and...nervous to be adding this class to our art curriculum at our school. It's an awesome opportunity for my kids to have this class offered and the going to be great that they will be able to work towards being Adobe Photoshop certified! I'm nervous because I've never taught this and I'm going to have to do a lot of prep work over the summer and I'm going to have to get certified myself....lots of work for me this summer!! But I'm going to take the words of my friend and "Embrace the Struggle."
But after these 3 days I do have to say that there were so many people that encouraged me and offered assistance and made me a little less nervous about this new adventure. So if nothing else Thanks those of you at NAEA that were so helpful and made it a great 3 days!!

So this great 3 days of amazing sessions began with an opening session with Tim Gunn!

Got to go to some interesting sessions like this one

Got to meet a few of my blog idols like 
Sands and Purtee both awesome art teachers over at the they were some of the teachers that I looked to when adding more choice to my classroom. They were so both down to earth and had a great session!

But I have to say that I was the most excited to meet Cassie!!! I love her blog and think that you really should check it out at she has such an awesome blog, a classroom I want to take art in, and by far the best art themed outfits you will ever see!! She was also super sweet and took time to chat with me and even complemented my T-Rex sweater haha! I know I was totally acting like a blogger stalker when I was all like, "I love your outfits, your cat is too cute, and I am going to be trying my hand at felting because of you!" But she played it cool, didn't look at me and weird or run the other way, and was super cool about posing for a pic!

 This was a really awesome giant sculpture made from shredded paper

I think one of the best things about the convention was all of the free stuff that I got!! 
Sketchbooks, color pencils, paint, paint sticks, pastels, spray paint, glue, and great lesson plans!!
This was from day one

Day two of free stuff and I got to make a spirit tree at the Blick Art supply much fun!!!

The last day I took a Chinese Calligraphy class and it was super cool. I did have a moment when I was really stressed at having to do something that I didn't feel confident in and not feeling like it was turning out like I wanted it to. I then had that moment when I was like, "This is how my kids feel!" 

This was our example...

This was mine... Not like his but...

So it was a great three days! I do have to day that I was wondering what my kids were up to and how my room looks after 2 days with sub...I'm praying that they remembered all of my training and feared me enough to clean up after themselves! I guess I will find out tomorrow when I go in. Yes, I'm going to work tomorrow even though its Spring Break. I have so much to get done. I have Prom to get ready for, it's the Sat of the week we go back to school. I also have a ton of grading to do, lesson plans to post, projects to prep for, and art pieces to finish for the silent auction at the Art show.
Here are some projects that my kids have recently done.

One of my Art 3 kids painting

An Art 4 kid... she was playing around when she made this

An Art 3 students painting

My Art 4 kid

One of my Art 4 kids wanted to paint with crayons

And my boys...playing with their giant paper mache weapons LOL!!! 

I have a lot more artwork of my students to photography...maybe I will get to it this week. I'm super excited to have a whole week, Spring Break, to work in my classroom and get caught up...I know, Lame! Oh well, it is what it is hahaha!!

~Till Next Time