Sunday, December 20, 2015

What Was My Focus

    Well it looks like blogging has not been my focus this year considering I haven't posted since March haha! Oh well I was living life and not blogging it (yeah that's what I will go with instead of "I was just too lazy to type).

    So now that I have some time and I'm work free, thanks to that awesome perk of teaching that is called Christmas Break/Mental Recoup 2 Weeks, I've had some time to consider what this year held. I've also started to think abut what I want my focus on for next year to be. My word for this year was Joy and I'm pretty proud of myself and how I was able to infuse the mindset of "Finding Joy" in all situations (may also have helped to be back on my meds haha! But thats not here nor there.) So as I was saying I tried to really remind myself that I could find Joy in every situation. My word for me this year goes beyond just being my yearly mantra or focus. It's one of those things that really needs to root in and
intertwine in my being. I see the idea of finding Joy something that I want to keep close all the time and to be reminded of everyday. I loved the Viking Symbol for joy and thought that it just went with what I needed to be reminded of, to have joy either in the Mountain top or in the valley. So yeah I liked it so much and felt that it was more then just a yearly long thing I went and made it like a permanent wrist tattoo permanent haha!

I picked the verse Ps. 138:8 as a reminder that I can have Joy no matter what because as verse 8 says,
            "He shall perfect that which concerneth me."

    So as I finish up this year I thought it was time to do a little reflective post, a recap of 2015. Overall it wasn't all that monumental... I went back and reviewed it thanks to Facebook and Instagram (who else has to sometimes refer back to FB and Instagram to figure out when things happened...please tell me I'm not the only one!?) Oh, and I loved taking a look at my year that I documented in my creative journal. So here are the major things that I set out to do. I said I was going to:
 "...stop comparing myself, my job, income, relationship status, house, life, and passport to others. That I was  going to enjoy the journey, whither it's a view from the top or walking the valley below. I'm going to stop focusing on the end and enjoy the middle. Was going to recognize that I am very Blessed and try my best to bless those around me, and also going to focus on being grateful for I am blessed with, and going to remember that no matter what 2015 may bring I can have joy because I know that God is in control of it all."

So I found a much better outlook when it came to work. 

I enjoyed the small things, and I feel like a was a lot more positive and focused on the Joy of the moment.

 Did I still have bad days...You better believe it. 

Was I always happy...Heck NO I'm still single and PMS every month so...

Did I enjoy teaching again, yeah. Do I know if teaching is what I want to do with the rest of my life...Still not sure. 

Was I thankful that I could text Liz with all those crazy text about how I was going to Puke if one more high schooler found their "One true love" while I was still better believe it. 

Did I travel, yep but it was just a cruise and a "Kind-of" Road Trip (I won't complain I could have stayed in Buras all bright spot!). 

Did I get down to my goal weight...not even close (heck at this point I'm not even sure what that is? I guess 5-10 lbs lighter then whatever I am at the time). 

Was I healthier? Well I worked out and consumed a lot of vegetables (Coffee counts as a veggie right? It grows on a plant...that's makes it count right??) 

Did I get closer to God?? Well there were moments when I prayed He would just go ahead and take me as I sat through yet another pointless PLC or faculty meeting. 

Did I read my Bible more....No I didn't. Just being real, my walk with God was more like a roller coaster ride. Moments of me getting really close to Him and then having moments were I felt like a was plummeting to the ground, hanging on tight and praying for things/situations to pass, fear I was not going to just forgo my convictions for the "Easy Way", distractions on the side, crying out to Him only when I felt like I really needed him, and feeling beyond blessed to know that in His grace I knew he was right in the seat next to me the whole time, even when most of the time I was focused on all the other things around me. 

I'm I hoping I do better next better believe it!

And the pics from my journal

Love my Family!
Yep, I turned 35! I know what you're going to say, "What, no way you can't be a day over 25!?!
I know I age well haha!

Had a nice lil cruise with Sammie

Got to go to the Art Conference and met one of my Blog crushes Cassie Stephens

Paid off 2 credit cards this year!  Helped with my 5th Prom.

Watched more of my babies graduate and go off into the big world.

Enjoyed a much needed summer break...I did work some but it was in flip flops so all good.

Took our yearly "End of School Girls Trip" to the Beau
Took a Road Trip my my sister Lydia and lil Bug

Fun times!!!

Started a section in my journal for all those notes and quotes I get from my kids LOL!! 

So now I'm sitting here wondering what my word and focus will be in 2016 and as with most things in my life it gets turned into a list.
So far I have no clue what next year will bring? I know I will be teaching, taking classes, enjoying my time with my family, maybe completing the whole 30 Days of Yoga Challenge, expanding my coffee mug collection, paying off more debt, trying to get to that darn goal weight, taking a group to Europe, and trying to live a life worthy of the title Christian.
I was sitting in church and may have been writing in my journal, when I thought of the word BE...
I also thought about the others listed but kept coming back to BE. Be content, be daring, be happy, be faithful, be kind, be...

So I'm going to try and not wait a whole 9 months before posting again. 
But if not... 

~Till Next Time

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